We carefully tailor ourproduct development to the needsof the market and our customers‘requirements. That‘s why we‘ve decided to address the specifcrequirements of larger-scale fltration systems (e.g. those used for pretreatment insea water desalination or waste water reuse) by launching the next generation of our ultra-compactracks.

·   Suitable for sea water - highpressure operability

·   Optimized for sea water - highcorrosion resistance

·   Small footprint - high treatmentcapacity

·   Plug and play installation - easy toassemble

·   Easy to add more modules - greatflexibility

Robust: Two of the mostimportant requirements for an ultrafltration rack particularly for the pretreatment stage of sea water desalination are corrosion resistance and high pressure operability, especially at high temperatures.

Compact: Integratingthe header pipes in the module end caps enables us to position the modules closer together in the rack. This space-saving
design gives the T-Rack® 3.0 a footprint that is up to 60 percent smaller than conventional rack designs.

High capacity: To increase the output of our UF systems, we have provided the dizzer® XL module with a 70 m2 (754 ft2) membrane area for the variant with a Multibore® 0.9 membrane. That means our new rack design offers more capacity than ever. The maximum rack size of 136 modules provides up to 9520 m2 (102.480 ft2) of membrane area. Assuming a ?ux rate of 80 LMH (47 gfd), that corresponds to a water treatment capacity of approx. 760 m3/h (4.8 MGD). The membrane area for the version with the Multibore® 1.5 is 50 m2 (538 ft2) per module, which corresponds to a treatment capacity of approx. 540 m3/h (3.4 MGD) for the maximum rack size.

xpandable: Thestandardized components and the modular design of the rack make it quick and easy to expand capacity to re?ect changing needs. Additional individual modules can simply be added to the end of the rack.

Note : The descriptions, designs, data and information (Product Information) contained herein are presented in good faith and are based on inge GmbH’s current knowledge and experience. inge GmbH cannot accept any liability for the accuracy of this Product Information, which is provided at no charge and forguidance.

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01  BASF Technical_Specifications_T-Rack_3 0_inge

02  Technical Datasheet dizzer XL 09 MB 80 W 1(2016-06) E inge

03  Technical Specification dizzer P 3(2011-09) E inge

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05  Technical_Specifications_dizzerXL_E_inge

06  Technical_Specifications_TR-3 0S_E_inge

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