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is a company with Main base is EPPC Engineering , Production , Procurement , Construction with the main services excellence. Providing Clean air, Fresh Water for Nusantara to meet operational reliability, safety, HSE with a balance of operational cost.


Knowledge, through understanding between disciplines, continuous improvement of experse, more attention for accuracy and detail and proven work experience are an important element for IUS engineers in presenting reliable EPPC solutions

IUS's ability to fulfill or provide the needs and supply of goods or sewices in the field of clean air under contracts for direct purchases to meet business needs.

IUS's ability to produce products and services for quality control for the quality of products and services produced is more guaranteed and of better quality

IUS's abiiity fo execute project management appropriately, effectively, efficiently and according to the schedule agreed upon by the project owner.

In particular, we provide integrated programs for customers needs to reliable investment owned and management for scheduled maintenance program, measurement monitoring program, follow up program real to make corrections where the end result is to maintain the continuity of the system to always be reliable safety and cost efficient.

UIL provides Products and Services Clean Air, Fresh water for needs of end users actualize system planning for new projects and maximize systems that have been installed for returns to initial performance on a running factory.

Ability to understanding for customer needs
Ability in reply solution for improvement
Planned and targeted program solutions
Successful Guarantee for program solutions
Continuous services excellence
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