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Admin / 18 Oktober 2021


Water We Clean


1. Seawater
RO desalting process requires a reliable and durable pre-treatment filtration with maximum
removal of suspended solids, turbidity, algae, bacteria, dissolved organics and TEP

2. Groundwater
Typically contaminated with heavy metals such as Fe and Mn which limits the use of conventional
sand filters
In special cases additionally contaminated with radioactive isotopes Deep groundwater with water temperatures above 50 °C limits the use of conventional filtration solutions based on polymeric membrane material

3. Surface water
Contaminations from sewage discharge lead to increased organic as well as heavy metal
Typically removal of suspended solids, turbidity, algae, bacteria and dissolved organics In some cases addionally contaminated with arsenic

4. Municipal sewage
Conventional sewage treatment plants very often unable to match regulations for direct discharge
to environment
Focus on reuse of treated sewage effluent as new water source either for irrigation and landscaping or pre-treatment for RO for other industrial reuse purposes requires further treatment of biologically treated water to remove bacteria, suspended solids and dissolved organics

5. Industrial sewage
Limited capability for biological treatment requires additional process steps for direct discharge to environment
Very often contaminated with very high organic contents, oil and heavy metals

6. Industrial water
Produced water contains high concentrations of oil Mining drainage water contaminated with heavy metals and carcinogenic toxins

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