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Information technology now day are developing very fast, the developments have an impact on the processing of information data, network services, telecommunications services, and another IT infrastructure. Data center is one of the most widely used and information technology is very important and influential for a business in an organization.

Environmental factors are a common factor in hardware failures in data center. Lack of maintenance from component at data center room can cause a decrease in the ability of the server. Then make it cannot work optimally and can make experience system fail.

Contaminants like dust can enter the room and cause computer equipment not to work properly. The microscopic pollutants in a room will continue accumulate over time and can damage the computer equipment. Pollutants can also block the air conditioning system, cause the air in room data center not maintained.

The presence of zinc whiskers is also an often problem in the data center room. The zinc whiskers can endanger the electronic components in the data center room because zinc whiskers are metal (a good conductor of electricity) so it can cause a short circuit. Zinc whiskers usually grow underside of floor panels or exposed surfaces of structural components.

To achieve the standard condition data center room, its necessary an integrated maintenance program for keep the condition of the room under control. UIL Controlled Environment Services is a solution to achieve and maintain conditions data center room in good conditions.

Scope of Services

1. Measurement dust analysis before work
a. Measurement number of particles in the room

2. Identify the cause of dust generation

3. Assessment
a. Measurement of temperature and RH in the room
b. Air Flow distribution

4. Implementation of cleaning data center
a. Upper inspection and cleaning:
-Cable tray
-Top rack
b. Central inspection and cleaning:
-Wall (wall surface, glass wall)
-Inside rack
c. Underside inspection and cleaning:
-Under floor (pedestal, stringer, cable tray,
-and ground floor)
-Top floor (raised floor)
e. Finishing

UIL Comprehensive Report

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